So I have this friend, she’s dating her third “Mr. Right” over the course of 9 months. So that’s like meeting “The One” every 3 months. And it always ends up the same; after the honeymoon stage of the relationship she realizes that she’s bore…. I mean she realizes that he’s not the illusive “The One” and just has to let him go and try to find “another one.”

So anyway, she’s about to move in with the latest Mr. Right, and I bet that it would get past a month. The reason she’ll break up with him? I would say, it would be some a few stinky farts, dirty dishes on the sink or a pile of dirty laundry.

We can learn a lot more about how the relationship ended from her history more than what comes from her mouth. And if you ever listened in school you’ll remember this phrase: “Those who don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it” (or something like that.) The same goes for relationships, so just don’t expect the future to be any different than the past. If your man says that he’ll try to stop gambling, it means he’ll try harder to hide it from you. If she says she’s going to stop wasting money on clothes, it means she’s going to be more careful and pay with cash. And if you hook up with someone who cheats on their current relationship for you, don’t be too surprised when it happens to you.

So as tragic as it seems, everyone is very unlikely to change for love. So just choose someone you’re willing to live with all their flaws and quirks, or just save yourself the time and the trouble and just end it while you still can.