woman-of-dreamsHaving an open mind is essential when finding the girl of your dreams. Being open helps you find the perfect someone who is compatible with you and your traits. However, there are still ways to find the “one” even if you are open to find almost anyone. Here are some quick tips when looking for the one you’d want to spend eternity with.


Being open in searching for a life partner also has the aspect of being observant. While you are observing, you don’t necessarily need to immediately look for the one you are looking for. Instead, you are open to finding someone, that could possibly be, the one you marry. Observing people gives you the advantage of knowing them first. You can initially analyse them by asking yourself, “If she is like this, will this work out?” But, be mindful of how a woman acts towards you. Women are not straightforward when expressing affections to a stranger. They opt to instead show signs that they are interested in a man. For example, she talks eagerly about a movie she wants to see but would have to go to the movies alone. Try to pick up simple cues and gestures that means she is attracted to you. But, observation is not the only factor affecting how you search for women. Which leads us on to…

Expressing yourself

Some girls like shy dudes, some girls don’t. But, every girl wants to know some or even a little detail about a guy they are interested in. If a girl keeps talking about herself and you just nod to agreement, there’s really no point of you two talking.

Another is that women want a confident guy. Not someone who’s cocky or boastful, but someone who expresses what they want to say. Since they want to know you better, it’s good to talk about yourself- even if it includes your love for videogames or comic books- that way, your girl would surely be interested what makes up the man they are attracted to.

Be Vulnerable

Another aspect of expressing yourself is letting others know what you’ve been through- especially women. They want to get inside that sensitive part of your tough exterior. Drawing people closer to your life and not closing the curtains behind them makes them want you more.

Woman would feel that they can be part of you- part of your inner self that you wouldn’t want to tell anyone- unless, of course, that woman is special to you.