With its overly abundance, online dating has spawned millions and millions of users on the look-out for finding a
potential partner. Yet, no matter how unique every individual is, there is always bound to be a cluster or group that they belong to. It can be easily identified through their series of attitudes, traits, and even looks. In terms of online dating, they are spot-on.

Here are the 12 types of people you’ll meet in online dating.

The Pinocchio Type

Obviously, these are the type of people who create fake profiles or fake identities. Some with harmless lies and others with full-blown lies, like saying they’re muscular and tall when in fact they’re skinny and short. Lies vary accordingly, but it all ends up to how they want others to see them. If their profile seems too good to be true, it usually is.

The Witty Writer

These are the types of people with a well-crafted profile. They had invested time and effort into creating a masterpiece of a profile, usually humor-laden that would excite the potential date, resulting into a click through his page. Keep in mind that these people are very serious when it comes to their profiles, and will entertain anyone on their same level.

The Narcissist

Really, the whole point of dating online is to meet and know someone. These kinds of people may have very well forgotten about that part. Their intention, well according to their profile, is to talk about themselves on and on. They don’t plainly care about what others are into, most of the times, they only focus on their needs and wants. Honestly, these are the ones you reject. Imagine going on a date with them and they just wouldn’t shot up about their childhood varsity days.

The Copier

Others exert effort in online dating, others do not. Some just copy and paste generic content into their messages, profiles, etc. They prefer quantity over quality, which is why sometimes, they are ignored. However, if you are more into looks or see some kind of potential in online daters with this kind of profile, give them a shot.

The Nowhere Man

Imagine, if you will, a man you’ve been chatting up. Couple of good emails here and there, suddenly, he’s gone. Nowhere can he be found along with his interest invested upon you. It was either because you bored them or they were simply not interested in you anymore. If one happens to stumble across this type of dater, simply see if the communication may lead to something. If not, it’s better to just move on.

The One with Kids

Single mums and dads flock the internet, too. They are in search of finding someone, usually one similar to them having kids, whom they can share their lovely household with. Nothing’s wrong with having children, but, if you’re a bachelor and wish to keep it that way, steer clear of these people.

The Silent Type

These are the ones who doesn’t respond to your emails, questions, etc. They are virtually non-existent when you try to communicate with them. It’s maybe either they found someone else or had forgot to deactivate their account. Or, maybe, and it’s a bitter pill to swallow, they just don’t like you enough to respond.

The Fever Pitch

Those who are really into sports are in over-abundance when it comes to online dating. They are the ones who are into activities and sports, and sometimes will ask you to join them. If you’re a fitness buff or anyone likely to be affiliated with sports, this may be the right type of people for you. However, if you are not interested, keep in mind that they should still be respected no matter what hobby they are into.

The Broken Hearted

Simple enough, if one just got dumped or lost someone they love, some of them may resort to dating again. For one, it helps them forget about their past relationships. Another is that they long for someone to fill their empty relationship void again. These types of people deserve another fresh start with someone new.

The Player

Let’s face it. There are people that are into online-dating which only purpose is to score. No strings attached, one night stands, booty calls- the whole enchilada. If you’re there for the same reason, you might just click instantly. However, if you are looking for something serious, it’s better to not fool around and then have guilt the next morning.

The one who’s “almost” the one

This is the one you had been looking for, only, with a catch. And that catch, may very well be the thing that could chase you off. He/she maybe the girl/guy of your dreams, but, with one thing that’s wrong. Either they are too far away, or that they had just booked a flight to move somewhere. You can’t do anything unless you’re willing to chase them in order to prove a point that they are indeed the “one.”

The One

This is the one that’s perfect for you. You hit it off immediately, go a couple of dates, and voila, you two get married. It’s a classic story of cute_boy19 meets shy_girl91 on a dating website and then live the rest of their lives together.


Just be careful, for everyone there is a perfect match! If you want more information or help for online dating visit where they have expert advice and opinions.